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A Toastmaster since 1989, I joined District 45's Team as an Area Governor in 1998 and was subsequently elected to the offices of Public Relations in 1999, Lt. Governor Marketing in 2000, Lt. Governor Education & Training in 2001 and District Governor in 2002.

Our District achieved Distinguished District - 16th in the world - during my 2002-2003 term as District Governor. This achievement celebrated and recognized our members' determination and dedication, as well as reflected the strength of the District Executive Team. I believe collaborative team building, strong listening skills and treating others with respect are essential elements for strong and successful leadership.

My commitment to Toastmasters has been clearly demonstrated by my attendance at numerous District, Regional and International functions. I subsequently created initiatives, in areas of my purview, which reflected the wants, needs and interests of all members and will take that dedication with me to the International level, if I am so chosen by you.

I am prepared to take the next step to that of International Director for Region VII. I am looking forward to meeting members and hearing your concerns and suggestions as I would like to be able to carry them to the level of the International Board of Directors for 2006-2008.

Your support will be appreciated!

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Shirley Kelly, DTM
Candidate for International Director, Region VII