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Host District 46 Governor Tony Figueroa, DTM
Experience the Difference

Host District 46 Chair Rose Martino-Gerhard, DTM PDG46

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Meet the 2006 Region VII Conference Team

Rodger D. Baker, DTM

International Director Conference Chair

Chris Emond, DTM

International Director Co-Conference Chair

Rose Martino-Gerhard, DTM PDG46

Host District Chair

Neal Gerhard, DTM PDG46

Education Chair

Elaine Rogers, DTM

Registration Chair

Mike LaFond, DTM

Facilities Chair

George Tully, DTM PDG46

Hospitality Chair

Ken Schaefer, DTM

Finance Chair


Harry Aneziris, ATMG

Neal Gerhard, DTM PDG46

Lanny Wexler, ATMS

Programs: Chairs

Brad Shilling, DTM PDG46

Fun Night Chair

Charnette Lewis, DTM

First Timers Chair

Jim Samuel, DTM PDG46

Region VII Webmaster/PRO Chair

Beth Lin, DTM

Raffles Chair


Corporate Sponsors

Joe Schuler, ATMG

Conference Photographer

Margaret Flory, DTM PID

C&L Award’s Chair

P.S. A special thank you to Past District 46 Governor Jim Samuel, DTM for creating the 2006 Region VII Website:

Visit the Website for Full Conference information and to download a Conference Registration form

Register for the 2006 Region VII Conference by May 22, 2006 and SAVE $