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Welcome from the Host District 46 Chair: Rose Martino-Gerhard, DTM PDG46 00-01 J

Dear Fellow Toastmasters:

Welcome Region VII Toastmasters to Greater Metropolitan New York, America's most populous city, the nation's first capital city, center of the financial industry (Wall Street), publishing, commerce, and trade ... and a hotbed of Toastmasters!

The Conference Committee has worked hard to organize a first class Regional Conference, with the best of the best trainers, workshop presenters, and speakers. Many thanks to the following conference committee chairs:

Rodger D. Baker, DTM International Director Conference Chair
Chris Emond, DTM International Director Co-Conference Chair
Rose Martino-Gerhard, DTM PDG46 Host District Chair
Neal Gerhard, DTM PDG46 Education Chair
Elaine Rogers, DTM Registration Chair
George Tully, DTM PDG46 Hospitality Chair
Mike LaFond, DTM Facilities Chair
Brad Shilling, DTM PDG46 Fun Night Chair
Charnette Lewis, DTM First Timers Chair
Jim Samuel, DTM PDG46 Region VII Webmaster/PRO Chair
Beth Lin, DTM Raffles Chair
Harry Aneziris, ATMG Programs’ Chair
Margaret Flory, DTM PID C&L Award’s Chair
Ken Schaeffer, DTM Finance Chair

So enjoy your time in District 46, and visit again.

Best Regards,

Rose Martino-Gerhard, DTM PDG46 00-01
Host District Chair J 2006 Region VII Conference H# (631) 754-8691
"Listen to Your Inner Voice and Achieve Your Goals”